2021.01.15_When is the ready

 I truly wish and believe there is a day that people call it ONE DAY would come .It’s like the old saying: Every dog has its day. People would say it’s my day when it’s coming. And once I get there, it will be no more time and energy for my being loving linguistic expressing or writing of no actual pain even just for avoiding the real psychological problem out of fear of working something really important but extreme. Here I recalls another old saying talks about the plan: The man who does not plan a success plans to a failure. That’s what I mean :No matter how emotional of the thinking it is in our mind, linguistic expressions won’t change anything. They’re just some illusion about our future of misleadings.These days there is an echo ,it seems like saying: What are you waiting for?You will never get ready unless you do from no ready.Finally,just do it.


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