A Brief Introduction

A picture of me

My name is Qiaomai Liu from the midwest of China, I am currently a master student (2021-2024) studying at the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Xi’an Jiaotong University co-advised by Prof. Simin Wang and Prof. Juan Xiao. My ongoing work is related to gas combustion of the hydrogen blended fuel combustion with the big image of global warming and pollutant emission. My recent work involves:

  • Focusing on the experimental and computational research of hydrogen blended fuel combustion.
  • Utilizing numerical methods, including CFD simulations, to study Hydrogen Blending Combustion.
  • Investigating the impact of hydrogen blending on emissions and combustion performance.
  • Studying interactions between hydrogen and other fuel components, particularly natural gas (mainly methane).
  • Developing novel strategies to optimize hydrogen blending for improved combustion efficiency and safety.

Recently, I have been looking for doctoral programs in which I am interested and would also fit in released from the universities of the USA that could match my engineering background. To know whether I am qualified or to get more details about myself, please check my Curriculum vitae (CV). If you have any ideas, just contact me: 69mike.com{@}gmail{.}com 📬.

Academic Experiences

Hydrogen-blended Natural Gas Combustion Experiment from Design to Practice (Ongoing Work)

non-premixed hydrogen blended methane combustion platform

Micro Combustion of Pure Hydrogen with Centrally Slotted Bluff Body - 2023

A diagram of MTPV system based on micro combustion with a bluff body

Submerged Combustion System Experiment from Design to Practice - 2022

The SCC platform that we designed

The SCC platform that we designed

The Study of Particle Agglomeration of Catalyst in the Riser of an FCC Unit Using Experimental Quasi-2D & PC6M Approaches - 2021

Experiment platform

Practical Problem-Oriented Pipe Stress Analysis - 2021

Excessive stress position analysis


  • Both transcript and Curriculum vitae (CV) are in this PDF file.