A Story from one manuscript: Non-premixed Pure hydrogen/air combustion within the micro combustor


To achieve high efficiency, stability, and low emissions at a small scale, the effects of inlet velocity and bluff body shape on non-premixed lean hydrogen/air combustion characteristics were investigated numerically in five micro planar combustors. A 21-species and 105-reactions H_2/air with NOx extended chemical mechanism is implemented for pollutant prediction. The results show a significant influence of inlet velocity and bluff body on temperature distribution, flame location, and residence time, with Combustor D achieving the highest mean outer wall temperature at a lower rate. Combustors B and D exhibited enhanced performance due to improved hydrogen/air mixing and lower pressure losses. Moreover, the advanced mixing facilitated by the bluff bodies in Combustors B and D resulted in reduced NO emissions, with reductions of 16.8% and 20.3%, respectively, compared to Combustor C. These findings provide insights into combustion behavior and offer potential avenues for micro combustor design enhancement.

One not brief story begins with this Manuscript

This is the first manuscript I have finished up to now. I would like to go through a self-review of the last few months that I took on this paper, and make a summary of it, then keep moving on. To be continued…